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Collobos is a Business AI Development Agency for Hire

We make business profitable & efficient by making hard to analyze information accessible.

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Our mission is to help your business grow faster than ever.

By making complex data relatable and understandable.

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Why Us?

Smart Businesses use the Best Tools

Turn the data in tens of thousands of documents into accurate, tailored, and accessible information to make informed decisions. Access and combine previously untapped data from multiple data sources. Text, pdf, csv, video, audio

Make Hard to Analyze Data Accessible and Relatable


Turn tens of thousands of documents into accessible, accurate, and relatable business knowledge.


Your data privacy and access rights requirements are honored.


Native language models provide profound analytical flexibility.


Implementations are built to your business needs.

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Perfect for legal, compliance, project managers and more.

Solve the Hard to Solve.

A few examples.

Contract Analysis

Analyze thousands of contracts and be able to discuss which contracts have which provisions or clauses in them quickly. Currently in use for a law firm which specializes in engineering.

Internal Tools

Analyze PDF's from multiple sources on a technical subject to be able to provide recommendations on technical questions.

External Tools

Analyze company product information and be able to discuss the product with customers. Currently in use to develop an automated customer service.

The Best Onboarding Call Ever!

Onboarding always starts with a NO COST initial project consultation. On your call will have a dedicated project manager and development team lead. We will understand your needs and you will have a better understanding of your project.

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Start solving your "hard to solve" problems today.

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